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Mission Statement

Opened Oct 11, 1955

At the Zoe Bayliss House, we promote independence and uniqueness in a safe, study-oriented atmosphere for women. We are all here for the same reason – to graduate. We hope that the house environment will move you through the process quickly and successfully.
Zoe Bayliss Women's Co-op House
Zoe Bayliss is located on the corner of Park St. and Johnson, right in the heart of campus.

What is a cooperative and how does it work?

The Zoe Bayliss Women's Cooperative is a community of UW-Madison students who share in the responsibilities for maintaining their housing, such as cleaning and administration, as a way to keep costs as low as possible. Officers are selected to oversee the functions of the cooperative. We hold house elections every year. This allows new residents to get involved right away. Offices that are re-elected yearly are: president, vice president, kitchen coordinator, work duty coordinator, business manager, secretary, and judicial chair.

Cook and kitchen facilities

We have a paid cook who cooks two meals – lunch and dinner – per day included with rent. She is always looking for new and interesting dishes to prepare. Residents are on their own as far as preparing breakfast, but the food is provided. Our menu is very diverse to accommodate all the favorites from around the world. Our kitchen is open 24 hours a day so that if residents would like to fix their own food, they can.


Here at Zoe Bayliss we have had a number of countries represented in the house including China, Vietnam, Spain, Taiwan, India, South Korea, and Singapore. We also have had a number of Chicana, Asian and African-American students from all over the country. Living here, residents can gain language experience and learning about cultures from all over the world.